'Walking Dead' Lip Reading Is Glorious

"Can I get a hey heeeyy?" is not the kind of dialogue you'd usually expect from zombies, but here we are. Bad Lip Reading's taken on The Walking Dead again and here we are, basking in its glory. In fact, it creates a show all its own that I could totally see airing super late at night and developing some kind of cult audience.

I gotta be honest here and say that I've only seen about three episodes of the actual Walking Dead, so I can't tell you how the wonky story lines of Bad Lip Reading compare to those of...well, the actual show that actually exists. What I can tell you is that I laughed embarrassingly hard every time a zombie tripped over a railing or said something that sounded super human. I can't help it — it's the same reaction I have every time I see a cat sitting like a human or philosophizing. It's just the best. The uncanny valley available through loose lip reading interpretations are pretty fun, too.

Favorite moments:

  • "You all ready to be naughty?" "MmmHmmm."
  • "OK yeah, you're the stuff of bad dreams."
  • "Yeah I'm gonna go, sorry demon."
  • "We might have a French baby."

Watch it yourself here:

The first part is here:

Image: AMC