Old Man And Hummingbird Are BFF And We're Dying

We all know hummingbirds are very flighty (pun totally intended), nervous, and non-committal beings. They whiz around flower to flower, their hearts pounding like they’ve each injected a tank of Red Bull into their little bodies. They want absolutely nothing to do with humans. Nothing. Most birds don’t, which is why they make the lamest pets. At least, this is all true unless you’re an adorable old Brazilian man who has a secret stash of hummingbird crank in his kitchen.

While I don’t understand Portuguese, I think I can deduce that this man has developed a remarkable relationship with a rogue hummingbird. In the video, we can see Grandpa (who knows if he is actually a grandpa, but I am henceforth pretending he is my grandpa) bird-calling his little friend, who responds right away by flying into the kitchen to greet his human. Of course there’s a catch: underneath a towel, Gramps has some pretty seductive nectar, and the humming bird is ALL about it.

So, is this friendship a balanced one? Sure, this man is a little manipulative with his organic juice, and clearly this hummingbird is here for one thing (bird meth), but I guess we’re all in a relationship for some reason or another, right? So we're really in no place to judge. This dude just wants a hummingbird friend to hang out with in his house for awhile, and the hummingbird is cool with that as long as he gets his nectar. It all works out. I mean, we've all hung out with certain people largely because they always pay for drinks when you go out. This is that. And if anything, we have now learned that with enough tasty treats, you can lure even the most skittish of animals like a total bossbitch Snow White.

Image: Getty Images