This Collab Will Make You Love Madewell Even More

What do get get when you combine the simplistic, quality genius that is Madewell with an understated yet incredibly chic French brand? Well, for me, what you're left with is a "Why would I buy groceries when I can have a cool sweatshirt instead?" situation, but sometimes sacrifices are necessary. In general, though, the Madewell x Sézane collaboration is filled with booties, graphic sweatshirts, and all kinds of wonderful — and everyone should be pretty excited about it.

In a fashion world that is almost always filled with a steady stream of designer collaborations that consist of an affordable, "every girl" brand working with a high-end designer, the Madewell x Sézane collection is bringing something a little different to the table. Even though Madewell is a well-known American brand revered for their denim and overall craftsmanship, Sézane isn't a household designer name stateside. This makes sense, as the French brand has never been available for purchase in the US. Well, up until now, that is.

The Madewell x Sézane collection is filled with easy, stylish pieces that can be worked into any girl's existing wardrobe, while still adding a little bit of French flare to an overall look. The truly wonderful and unique thing about the collaboration is that the melding of brands is effortless; the best qualities of each brand work together to create something that fits into not only Madewell's aesthetic, but the closet of every girl who enjoys nice clothing.

While Lucky has the full scoop on the collection before it hits the Internet for sale tomorrow, here are a few of my favorite Madewell x Sézane pieces.

1. Leather Clutch

This clutch is simply, straight-forward, classic, and a necessary staple for every girl's wardrobe.

Nola Clutch, $178,

2. Graphic Sweatshirt

Yes, I know, you're obsessed too.

La Superbe Sweatshirt, $85,

3. Silk T-Shirt

The silhouette of this piece is simple, while the material is luxurious — a great juxtaposition for any look.

Silk Tee, $125,

4. Shift Dress

Pair with some great boots and a oversized plaid scarf and you, my friend, are good to go.

Thelma Shift Dress, $188,

5. Patterned Pants

Gotta love a patterned pair of cropped pants, am I right?

Crop Trousers, $148,