Wear a Halloween Costume, Get a Free Doughnut!

So remember when Krispy Kreme decided to give away free doughnuts to anyone who came into one of its stores dressed like a pirate on International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Well, the company is doing it again, but this time, it’s got a deliciously Halloween-y spin: On October 31, get one free Krispy Kreme doughnut of your choice in exchange for stopping by while wearing a Halloween costume. Free doughnuts, just for partaking in the greatest holiday of them all? Yes, please!

According to Krispy Kreme’s official Facebook event page for the promotion, the offer is good for any variety of doughnut in the store at participating locations — and yes, that includes those amazing Ghostbusters doughnuts they’re currently offering in celebration of the movie’s 30th anniversary. Those Ghostbusters doughnuts, by the way? They’re not just filled with the usual raspberry filling we’ve come to expect from Krispy Kreme. Oh no. They’re filled with marshmallow cream. That’s right: You can eat Stay Puft. I’d call that a win. If you’re not wild about the idea of eating a gigantic marshmallow monster, but still want something seasonally appropriate, though, don’t worry; there are also fall-themed doughnuts, as well as (of course) a couple of pumpkin spice offerings. As Foodbeast notes, though, make sure you put some effort into your costumes: “Don’t just pass a witch hat around your group of friends to get free doughnuts,” writes Peter Pham. “It’s Halloween.” Ayyyyy-men.

Given how fond Krispy Kreme seems to be of offering free doughnuts in exchange for holiday-themed shenanigans, I’ve come up with a few options the doughnut chain might consider for future promotions. I've got plenty more where this came from, Krispy Kreme; call me.

1. National Punctuation Day: September 24

Come in dressed like your favorite punctuation mark and get a free doughnut. Get a free half-dozen doughnuts if you can correctly use your chosen piece of punctuation in a sentence.

2. Talk Like Shakespeare Day: April 23 (of course)

Recite your favorite Shakespearean speech or sonnet and get a free doughnut. Bonus points if you bring in a plastic skull and reenact Hamlet V.i.

3. Take Your Plants for a Walk Day: July 27

Bring in a houseplant, get a free doughnut.

4. Bermuda Day: May 24

May 24 marks the first day of the season that locals will venture into the water in Bermuda — as well as the first day on which Bermuda shorts are worn as business attire. Wearing a pair of business Bermudas seems like a fair exchange for a free doughnut.

5. Backward Day: January 31

Walk into a Krispy Kreme and order a doughnut…backward. Doing so successfully will net you your pastry for free. P.S. Is anyone else bizarrely fascinated by this GIF?

6. Tell a Fairy Tale Day: February 26

Tell the cashier a short fairy tale, and he or she will reward you with a pastry of your choice. I was going to try really hard not to make a “happy ending” pun, but, well…too late.

7. Don’t Go to Work Unless It’s Fun Day: April 3

You know how they always say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have? On April 3, dress up as you would if you had the job you’d consider the most fun thing in the world. Then walk to your nearest Krispy Kreme and collect a free doughnut for your trouble.

8. Wiggle Your Toes Day: August 6

This one’s easy: Wiggle your toes at your Krispy Kreme cashier for your doughnut of choice. Just, y’know…don’t stick your foot up on the counter. That’s gross.

Images: Krispy Kreme/Facebook; Giphy (3); I See the Stars/Tumblr