A Ranking Of Kim Kardashian's Most Self-Indulgent Instagrams, From Cute Selfie To Totally Self-Obsessed

By Kaitlin Reilly
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It's not exactly a secret that Kim Kardashian's favorite subject to photograph is Kim Kardashian. The most profitable member of the Kardashian empire is notorious for posting maaany self-portraits on her Instagram account, much to the delight of her 20 million followers. But let's not be too hard on Kim K — after all, aren't we in a self(ie)-obsessed generation as is? Really, Kardashian's more a symptom than the problem. But while she may not be entirely to blame, some of her selfies do annoy me more than others. Check out this ranking of Kim Kardashian's 17 Instagram photos, from cute selfie to a blatant example of self-obsession.

All Images: kimkardashian/Instagram

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