A Ranking Of Kim Kardashian's Most Self-Indulgent Instagrams, From Cute Selfie To Totally Self-Obsessed

It's not exactly a secret that Kim Kardashian's favorite subject to photograph is Kim Kardashian. The most profitable member of the Kardashian empire is notorious for posting maaany self-portraits on her Instagram account, much to the delight of her 20 million followers. But let's not be too hard on Kim K — after all, aren't we in a self(ie)-obsessed generation as is? Really, Kardashian's more a symptom than the problem. But while she may not be entirely to blame, some of her selfies do annoy me more than others. Check out this ranking of Kim Kardashian's 17 Instagram photos, from cute selfie to a blatant example of self-obsession.

All Images: kimkardashian/Instagram

by Kaitlin Reilly


This goofy #TBT pic is the most awkward Kardashian has ever looked. Nothing indulgent about this — just good ole’ Instagram fun.


Aww, she’s actually smiling! You can’t argue that Kardashian is making this pic all about her nephew Mason.


Scoring the cover of Vogue is a big freakin’ deal, even for Kim Kardashian. Total pass.


Instagram was made for taking photos of cute outfits, so I’ll give Kardashian a pass on this self-indulgent pic of her designer outfit. #GoldRolex


New hair is always an acceptable thing to take a selfie of.


It’s not everyday that you get to fly in a helicopter, though I’m not sure why Kardashian is insisting on making it look sexy.


Kardashian takes this selfie under the guise of giving a sneak peek of her Oscar dress, which is fairly acceptable, even if it’s mostly just a shot of the reality star’s famous smize.


The caption is “good morning,” but it really should be “look at my engagement ring you peasants.” I can’t rank this closeup higher because, uh, look at that rock — I’d totally show that thing off.


Taking a selfie and then touting it as a way to show off the Roberto Cavalli blanket behind you is the shadiest thing ever.


Yeah, this body pic is obnoxious, but it’s not particularly self-indulgent considering everyone who has ever been on a beach vacation is practically obligated to snap one.


This is a #TBT photo, because apparently Kardashian’s #TBTs are just other times when she looked really hot. She looks great, and she knows it, which makes this particularly self-indulgent. At least this is from a photoshoot and not one of her faux-casual snapshots.


LOL at everything about this photo. It ranks high on this list because not only is she showing off her early '00s self, she’s also saying how much she “misses her baby.” In this case, the baby is a Range Rover.


Vacations are fun, and bikini selfies are a must. There’s nothing wrong with showing off your body, but it’s clear that Kardashian is looking to inspire envy from the folks whose idea of a beach vacation is cracking open a Beergarita.


Kardashian’s post-workout selfie is eye-roll worthy, but hey, if you’re going to put in the time to exercise, it shouldn’t be shameful to Instagram your progress.


..You know. To an extent.


Kardashian showing off her post-baby body is not necessary — we know she looks good. This ranks high on the list because it’s very clearly pandering to her audience — it’s almost as if she can’t know she looks good without having her Instagram followers agree.


This photo of Kardashian’s “skinny days” is not only allegedly photoshopped but is totally body-shaming. (Also, is it not the most Kim Kardashian thing in the world to make her own body her thinspiration?) That being said, it could be a little worse — she could have touted a current photo.