Her Pregnancy Style Is A Tad Suspicious

by Sienna Fantozzi

Blake Lively rarely makes public appearances these days, so you know it's an exciting weekend in the fashion world when she is photographed not once, not twice, but four times out and about in New York City. But Lively's pregnancy style is kind of suspicious. The entire weekend, we didn't see her wear anything not from her new website, Preserve. Aside from the stunning Michael Kors shimmering gown she wore to Thursday night's Golden Heart Awards, of course, though I have a feeling she probably would have worn a Preserve dress if Kors would have allowed it.

From coats, to bags, to skirts, the Gossip Girl actress has turned herself into a walking billboard for her website. Don't get me wrong, I love Blake, but considering we've never seen her wearing these small, artisanal designers until now, it does seem a little coincidental. And wearing head-to-toe looks on the only three days she's photographed in months is just icing on the cake. I have no problem with celebrities using their fame to promote their products, but come on, Blake. Let's be a little less obvious about it so it seems a bit less contrived. I mean, if I'm going to drop $1,350 on a brightly-colored pattern cloak, I might need a little more authentic persuasion. So let's take a look at how the mom-to-be styled herself into a walking advert.

1. Golden Heart Awards

Lively topped her Michael Kors gown with a Michelle Kim coat, available on Preserve.

2. Shopping For Baby Clothes

The actress visited a baby store in NYC wearing a $1,350 coat, skirt, and top from Preserve.

3. Out and About in NYC

Mrs. Reynolds upped her game, wearing a Preserve skirt, top, coat, and bag for a Fall day in the city.

4. Supporting the Sisterhood

Blake saw America Ferrera's play in a puppy print (what?) jumpsuit, also for sale on Preserve.

So I guess the blatantly obvious take-away: go shop Preserve, today!

Images: Getty Images (1); eonline/Twitter, SMediaStyle/Twitter, GettyVIP/Twitter, usweekly/Twitter