AA's Halloween Costumes Ideas Are... Creative

It's October 20th, and there are exactly 11 days left until Halloween. So if you are finding yourself frantically scrambling for a costume that is intelligent-yet-ironic-yet-comedic-yet-slightly-sexy-but-not-in-a-slutty-way-yet-sorta-hipster-totally-inspired-and-ground-breaking, then take a deep breath, because we've found a solution. American Apparel's Halloween 2014 shop just launched online, and it's about to become the answer to all of your Halloween costume conundrums.

At first blush, the names seem fairly straightforward. Tennis player — okay. Fries — well, that's kind of whimsically cute, dressing up like a fast food side item with a bunch of your friends. Power woman — for every girl wanting to channel her inner super-hero. Basically, your average costume shop finds. But wait, what is an "illustrated character?" Or "Nasty Girls," which apparently just requires a crop top and a poly vinyl backpack. Then there's the seemingly obvious but equally perplexing Girl + Boy, followed underneath by Boy + Boy (why is there no Girl + Girl?). My mind is basically blown. So see if you can guess what these costumes even are, and then quickly run out and buy one because its coolness factor is clearly lost on me, which means it's probably the greatest thing ever.

1. Private School Clique

Public school is so gauche. But what's that old guy doing in the middle of all those school girls? This seems like a headline waiting to happen.

2. Pop Star

The tongue clearly indicates which pop star you are meant to channel.

3. Obnoxious Ghost & Teen Ghost Hunter

The first thing I think of when I see this picture is "obnoxious ghost and teen ghost hunter". Just make sure to walk around making that face and hand gesture, or people might get confused.

4. Riot Boys

I wouldn't be at all terrified if these guys came knocking on my door asking for candy.

5. The Dystopians

I was thinking maybe "mime," but my mind clearly doesn't think this deeply.

Images: American Apparel