Here's Your New Favorite T-Swift Parody

File this under: Videos that make me grin until my face no longer feels like a real face. Jamie Oliver and Taylor Swift recorded a music video together, and the result isn't just a delight; it's also for a great cause. The Naked Chef and the red lipstick'd baker joined creative forces and made a video for Stand Up to Cancer. The premise: Swift and Oliver are pitted against one another in a cooking competition. During said cooking competition, a parody of one of the 24-year-old musician's hit song "Shake It Off" begins.The parody of "Shake It Off" is call— Are you ready for this? Please make sure you’re ready. OK? OK. The parody song is called “Bake It Off.” And yes, the lyrics are all about baking.

Here are a few things I love unabashedly:

  • Corny song parodies
  • Dorky dance moves
  • Baked goods
  • Cooking competitions
  • Unexpected celeb pairings
  • So-bad-it's-good singing

This music video has all of the above.

SPOILER ALERT: Swift doesn't sing a bar of "Bake It Off." It's all Oliver. He goes for it. And it is truly beautiful.

SPOILER ALERT: Swift and Oliver dance. And it is truly beautiful.

It’s like I’ve got this sponge cake/In my mind/Saying "It’s gonna taste so fine":

Image: Jamie Oliver/YouTube