Veronica Roth's 'Divergent Collector's Edition' to Be Released in October, and We Have The First Look At Its Fan-Created Art — EXCLUSIVE

Initiates, your holiday wish list just officially started. Veronica Roth's Divergent Collector's Edition is coming October 21, and it pays major fan service to all of her devoted readers, aka you. The collector's edition will contain a whopping 72 pages of bonus content, but most importantly, fan art from four Divergent-lovers.

Real talk: the Initiates — the adults, and teenagers everywhere — are the ones who read and re-read and recommended Roth's series to everyone they knew, and who helped push this book into its mega status. So, to pay homage, Roth and her team at HarperCollins selected four fan artists among thousands of submissions, and that art will be included in the pages of the new collector's edition. And Roth herself is excited to be able to include these four artists together:

There's so much great fan art out there, and I'm thrilled to see the work that Shyannah, Risa, Danemar, and Delaney have created for Divergent. It's awesome to see one art form inspire another.

Also included are two supplemental essays by Roth about the early drafts of Divergent — both revealing some major changes she made all the way. Like how Caleb was supposed to choose Abnegation, and how the story wasn't originally from Tris' point of view, it was from Tobias' (gasp!).

Roth also tackles the psychology behind fear, and the notorious Dauntless initiation "exposure therapy." Plus, if you loved Shailene Woodley and Theo James in the movie (and who didn't), you're going to probably be acting out the very same scenes with all your friends — the collector's edition also has an excerpt from the movie script. Find yourselves some black clothing, and throw that hair in a ponytail! (Just don't jump from any trains, OK?)

Here's the rest of what's included:

  • Artistic renderings of the Choosing Ceremony Bowls, which will have you thinking through which faction you'll choose (I mean, Amity sounds chill, right? But duh, we're choosing Dauntless.)
  • Favorite quotes from Divergent, illustrated by fellow Initiates
  • A map of the Dauntless compound
  • Divergent discussion questions for your next book club session

Risa Rodil is one of the fan artists whose work was chosen to be included in The Divergent Collector's Edition. Here’s a sample of Risa Rodil’s artwork created for the Divergent fandom. This piece was published to her Tumblr in February, 2013:

Rodil began creating fan art for the series after first reading, and loving, the original book:

After I read the book, I got so attached to the story and the characters that I felt the need to channel my obsession into something creative. I wanted to pay homage to the book by creating designs that may hopefully draw other people to read it as well.

She also notes what many other Initiates feel is so inspiring about Roth's series:

The main essence of the story and its messages about bravery, sacrifice, and self-worth are enough to give me all the inspiration I need. The books did a brilliant job in getting those messages across and I always hope to mirror that brilliance into each of the pieces I create.

Creating her original fan art for the new edition meant revisiting some of her favorite passages from the series. If there's ever a great excuse for re-reading the series, it's that Roth asked you to.

Roth gives a full run-down, and further sneak peeks into the collector's edition (prepare to pause for some amazing shots of the choosing ceremony bowl art!) in her video:

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