Obama's Response To "Mr. President, Don't Touch My Girlfriend" Was Perfect — VIDEO

He may be the president, but he's still a man, and for one woman's boyfriend, President Obama is serious competition. Obama was casting his ballot at a voting booth next to a young woman named Aia Cooper. As the two went about their business, Cooper's jealous boyfriend walked by and said, "Mr. President, don't touch my girlfriend." It's probably not every day that Obama gets called out like that, but his response proves that he may just be the coolest president — if not the coolest man — in U.S. history. Hey, I'd be threatened too if I were Cooper's boyfriend.

President Obama was in Chicago casting his ballot in early voting for the 2014 midterm elections when the showdown took place on Monday.

After Cooper's boyfriend, Mike, asks the president to keep his hands to himself, Obama, like the Don Juan that he is, basically says, "Um, are you kidding?" Not really, but essentially. In reality, Obama responds, "I really wasn't planning on it." A visibly embarrassed Cooper apologizes for his overprotective boyfriend, saying, "I am sorry, please excuse him [*thinks about the appropriate punishment she's going to dole out later]."

But Obama is Obama, aka unfazed. If he had a collar, he would have popped it. The president continues, observing:

But what he really means is, "Don't hate the player, Mike. Hate the game."

Obama then predicts that Cooper will tell all her friends about the incident (obviously) and playfully acts out the future scene:

About this time, Cooper says, "I am freaking out right now." I would be too. Actually, Aia, you handled all this pretty well. I probably would have started hyperventilating and chewing on my ballot.

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After the two finish casting their votes, Obama, clearly thinking, "Two can play this game, Mike," swoops in and puts the naughty on Cooper. As he goes to hug her goodbye, he says, "Give the president some sugar." OK, I wish. But he does say:

After they exchange pecks on the cheek, he [imagine him putting on shades here] quips, "Now he's really jealous."

Boom. And that's how you win the title of smoothest president ever.

Watch the entire video and try not to die.

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