"Texts From Your Ex" Is Maybe Our Fave Instagram

by Jessica Blankenship

"Texts From Your Ex" is the greatest Instagram account happening currently. If there's anything better than laughing with our friends about the insane text messages we get from our own exes, it's laughing to ourselves about the insane text messages being exchanged between total strangers. This is the Text Generation's version of an "I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke" moment – we read these messages and realize, hey, we really are all living the same struggle. And that struggle absolutely refuses to get the fuck out of our inboxes no matter how many times we tell them that we no longer want to do sex times with them.

Going through a breakup is rarely graceful, and almost never pleasant. I've broken up with a few people where the dissolution of our romantic relationship was so clearly the right thing that the experience did, somehow, feel super positive. But for the most part, ending a relationship with someone involves feeling all the painful, doubtful, angry, disenchanted, frustrated, hopeless feelings that come with admitting that something is either so inherently flawed, or so tragically broken, that it can't be saved. And when we're feeling all of those many gross feelings – and possibly drinking to numb them because we're only human and that's just what we do – breakups can also involve a lot of saying shit that you really wish you had not said. Or at least, that you should wish you hadn't said. I'm not going to speak to your personal level of self-awareness. No judgment. I've conducted myself with more than my share of blind, non-fuck-giving desperation after certain, particularly hard breakups. Apprently (and not surprisingly), I am not alone in this cringe-worthy pastime.

Image: textsfromyourex/Instagram