The 'Web Therapy' Season 4 Guest Stars Aren't Exactly Strangers — They're All Connected

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Showtime can always count on Lisa Kudrow's show, Web Therapy, to have amazing guest stars. Every year, they manage to top themselves, and this year, with ten episodes, there's plenty of time for them to cram in all of the recurring characters like Rashida Jones, Lily Tomlin and Victor Garber and have six new clients for Fiona to "treat."

Lisa Kudrow has worked with so many people, and has so many TV shows that all she has to do is call in a favor and she can get three Oscar nominees on the show. But those connections don't just stop there. In fact, if you take nine of the new Season 4 guest stars, you can actually connect all of their resumes, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon style. Seriously, check it out.


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