The 13 Best Moments From Her New Video

On Tuesday, Gwen Stefani premiered the music video for "Baby Don't Lie," and all I have to say is: Wow, she sure does a lot of walking around in it! No, seriously. That's basically all there is to the Sophie Muller-directed visual for "Baby Don't Lie": Stefani walking, with varying degrees of attitude and funkiness, in front of a green screen. Sure, it's colorful and cute, but it's also kind of underwhelming when consider that it's Stefani's first solo video in a long time. Sigh. You'll get 'em next time, Gwen! Basically, this is what goes down:

At first, Stefani's just minding her own business, takin' some black and white photos in a studio somewhere, when all of a sudden, a vicious word tornado sweeps her away to a digital land that kinda sorta reminds me of that scary place where the sand worms live from the movie Beetlejuice! The change in scenery would startle a normal person, but Stefani's all, "Welp, here I am! Guess I better start singing." And so she starts singing...and walkin'. And walkin'. Aaand walkin'. Eventually, she's able to somehow escape the digital world and ends up back in the studio — only this time, she's in color! What a magical journey. Fin.

I've compiled a list of the best moments from the "Baby Don't Lie" video, juuust in case you're too lazy to watch it yourself (which I totally understand):

When Gwen Does This Pose & It's Just Like, What Is Happening?

When Gwen Does This Pose & It's Just Like, Uhhh, Did You Fart?

When The Word Tornado Attacks! (Don't Worry, I Checked For Secret Messages, But The Word Tornado Is Just Made Up of Song Lyrics)

When This Very Clear Wizard of Oz Reference Happens

When Gwen Starts Walkin' & It's Just Like, OK, This Can't Go On For Too Much Longer, Right?

But Then It Does

When Gwen's Not At All Concerned About These Dancing Monsters

In Fact, They Are Her Friends

When Some Human Dancers Finally Show Up & It's Like, Wow, I Can Actually Relate To This Now

But Gwen's Still Just Trying to Make Walkin' Happen

When Director Sophie Muller Wants to Make Sure That You Didn't Forget About These Dancing Monsters. Here They Are Again, Just In Case!

When Gwen's All, "Look At Me, I'm High Fashion!"

Then She's All, "I Forgot To Put On Deodorant Today!"

And you accept her, because, well, she's Gwen Stefani.

"Baby Don't Lie" is available on iTunes now.

Images: GwenStefaniVEVO/YouTube (14)