You Can Learn a Lot on YouTube, Including Things You Should Have Learned a Long Time Ago

Everyone knows you can learn a lot on YouTube. Just type in "How To" and see the suggestions that pop up. From making a wallet out of duct tape to doing that song with the cups from Pitch Perfect, it's all there. Some of the things you can learn online, however, you people probably should have learned a long time ago.

1. How To Boil Water: I've had lots of people tell me they're so hopeless in the kitchen they can even boil water, but I always thought that was just an expression.

2. How to Tie Your Shoes: Okay, so at one point this was hard for all of us, but if you're old enough to be surfing YouTube independently (i.e. not with an adult who could just teach you this herself) then you are too old not to know how to tie your shoes.

3. How to Take a Selfie: The last time I checked, selfies were really the simplest things on earth. Point cell phone at self, click. But there are lots of self-important videos about how to take "perfect selfies." And since I can't really deal with them, I will give you this video which puts the phenomenon in context.

4. How to Open a Locker: It would be one thing if these videos wanted to teach you how to crack a combination lock. But while those videos do exist, there are also those that just go over the basics of how combination locks work. And here I thought that was just general knowledge.

5. How to Pronounce Chipotle: I don't know why this is an issue, but then again, I guess the grandmother on The New Normal did manage to make it rhyme with yodel.

6. How to Snap Your Fingers: Maybe you just never learned this as a kid. Maybe you were able to pretend for all those years that you could. But never fear. There's a YouTube video for that!

7. How to Eat Corn on the Cob: Who has never eaten this all-American classic food? Apparently a lot of people, judging by the number of videos on the subject. But if you ever wondered how to be proper while doing it, this video can help with that, too.

8. How to Do Laundry: I met lots of people my freshman year of college who had never done laundry before going away to school. I don't know how this happens, but the fact that it does doesn't mean you are all off the hook. So if this is you, by all means, watch this video and better yourself.