How to Keep Your Summer Tan Going a Little Longer

If summer's not officially over yet, it's definitely starting to feel that way. In a post-Labor Day world, the air is just a little crisper and the lure of iced coffee is just a little weaker. After a summer spent outside (drenched in head-to-toe sunblock, we're sure), you probably have a lovely little sunkissed glow. Here's how to make it last a while longer, because there's no need to pull on those tights just yet.

1. Moisturize. Body lotion, aloe vera, olive oil straight from the bottle. In the morning, before bed, right after you shower. Do whatever it takes to keep your tan from peeling off (wouldn't hurt to chug some water, too).

2. Gradually switch over to a sunless tanner. Innovation has given us a lot of great things, like polio medication and cars. It has also given us sunless tanners that don't streak, turn us orange, or smell horrible. Yeah! Jergens Natural 3 Days to Glow moisturizer is kind of amazing — it gradually builds up color over three days of continuous use. But if you're already tan, you might not need to use it three days in a row. Just apply the lotion once or twice a week to keep your glow steady.

3. Lighten up on the exfoliating. Scrubbing at your skin will get rid of the top layer of skin cells... in other words, the tan ones. You'll be fine skipping the loofah for a week or two. Just rinse off gently in the shower.

4. Introduce bronzer and co. back into your routine. Hopefully you spent the summer frolicking around with nary a care in the world, foundation-free, like someone in a Marc Jacobs Daisy ad. Now that the nights are getting longer, grab a subtle bronzer or a tinted foundation to keep your face looking sun kissed. Just remember: Subtlety is your best friend. Even candlelight won't disguise orange cheeks.

Image: micadew on flickr