13 Times James Franco Made You Jealous of His A-List Friendships

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Resident weirdo James Franco loves to go wild on Instagram, especially with his famous friends. His most recent installment features his freaky bald head and a bloody-nightgown robed Megan Fox, for some upcoming project that's TBD. It looks pretty campy, though, and all I can do is hope and pray it's not some sort of Carrie remake. But Fox isn't the only famous pal who's graced the strange wasteland of James Franco's Instagram account. He's a prolific poster (mostly selfies) but likes to remind us that he has A LOT of celebrity friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Of course, his best bud Seth Rogen is the number one featured, but there are plenty of other strange photos (Franco always mysteriously leaves out details of whatever situation or project the Instas might have been from). Here are some of the best.

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