'Teen Mom' Mackenzie Douthit Wants Birth Control But Mom Says ... No?

On the series premiere of Teen Mom 3, teen mom Mackenzie Douthit asks her mother for birth control. You heard right! But her mother, Angie, doesn't want to let her take birth control because she feels like it's just an excuse for her to be having pre-marital sex. Again, you heard right ...

Should Mackenzie have the freedom to choose whether she wants to take birth control? She is literally already a mother. In the clip from Teen Mom 3, Angie seems to think that Mackenzie should stick to her abstinence pledge with her partner and the father of her child, Josh, but no matter what Mom says, Mackenzie should have the choice to choose birth control if that's what she believes is right for herself.

I'm glad that birth control is becoming part of the conversation on the show, and obviously the show in itself is proof that "abstinence only" is not a policy that works at all. It's uncomfortable and unreasonable that Mackenzie has to ask her mother about her own sexual health decisions when she's already a mother on her own.

That said, Mackenzie, 18, just married Josh, 20, and she's pregnant with their second child.

Teen Mom 3 is on MTV on Mondays at 10 PM.