Rachel McAdams & Ryan Reynolds Join the Canadian Walk of Fame, Remind Us All They're Canadian

Last Saturday, actors Ryan Reynolds and Rachel McAdams were inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame in Toronto, and this raises a few questions. The first being, who knew Canada had a Walk of Fame? The second question is obviously, do the Canadian celebrities get to dip their hands into maple syrup instead of concrete? And last, what other Canadian celebs have slipped past our Canada radar? We all know that Justin Bieber is Canadian (and seriously guys, please take him back), but who else among Hollywood's beautiful people are inconspicuously Canadian? Let's try to expose as many of them as possible, so we'll never be fooled again.

Rachel McAdams

This beauty hails from London… though not the coolest London, sorry Canada. We’re talking about London, Ontario. She now resides in Toronto, so she was probably excited to attend the Walk of Fame event without traveling too far from home.

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Ryan Reynolds

He’s been making waves online after wife Blake Lively announced her pregnancy, but on Saturday, Reynolds got to be in the spotlight for being Canadian and not a father-to-be. I wonder if that newborn will have a Canadian flag onesie? Fingers crossed!

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Ryan Gosling

Loving Ryan Gosling is just about as American as apple pie and obesity, but hey girl, don’t get ahead of yourself. Though that baby of his with Eva Mendes is an American citizen, Gosling is 100 percent Canadian goose.

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Elisha Cuthbert

Cuthbert is a Canadian. I repeat, Cuthbert is a Canadian. This is not a drill.

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Kiefer Sutherland

C’mon Jack Bauer, what about fighting for America? I had no idea you were Canadian! How sneaky of you.

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Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin has everyone fooled. You watch True Blood and you think she’s Southern. You hear her do an interview and you think she’s a Kiwi. But the truth is that she was born in Canada! It’s true she moved to New Zealand when she was four, but the important point to remember is that she was born in Canada, probably in a log cabin or next to a moose or something.

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Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen was born in Vancouver, Canada, but obviously moved to America because weed was more readily accessible. Or to start a career as one of our favorite funny actors. Probably both.

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Sandra Oh

This Grey’s Anatomy beauty was born in Nepean, Canada so thanks Nepean, Canada for giving Meredith Grey a best friend who wasn’t as crazy as she was.

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Michael J. Fox

If he were to head to his hometown right now in a DeLorean, he would be cruising towards Edmonton, Canada.

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Kim Cattrall

This one is double crazy. Kim Cattrall was born in England, but emigrated with her family to Canada when she was only 3-months-old. Cattrall has dual English and Canadian citizenship, which I didn’t know while I was watching endless Sex and the City reruns in high school.

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Will Arnett

Will Arnett was born in Ontario, Canada and I had no idea he was Canadian, so it seems his trick — sorry, illusion — fooled us all.

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Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Canada and almost missed out on her career-making role in Lost when she couldn’t get an American work visa fast enough. Thankfully it all worked out, so we got to see that Kate/Jack romance unfold… even if I was always a Sawyer/Kate fan. Whatever.

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William Shatner

William Shatner was born in Côte Saint-Luc, Canada, but he’ll always be Iowan born and bred Captain James T. Kirk to his loyal fans.

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Pamela Anderson

Is there anything more Californian than Baywatch? Bet you didn’t remember this blonde bombshell and former Playboy Bunny was born in Ladysmith, Canada! She was even inducted into the Canada Walk of Fame in 2006.

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Hayden Christensen

Hailing from Vancouver this actor and handsome future baby daddy of Rachel Bilson’s unborn child will probably always be known for his less-than-desirable acting chops in the Star Wars prequels. But hey, at least he’s pretty!

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Ellen Page

This 27-year-old actress was born in Halifax, Canada and started her career off by working in Canadian television shows. Soon she got Hard Candy, then Juno in 2007, and the rest is Canadian history.

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Just kidding! We all know that Drake aka Aubrey Graham aka “Wheelchair Jimmy” is Canadian and got his start on Degrassi . And we’ll never let him forget it.

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