Chelsea's Fat-Shaming Failed Miserably

Everyone, grab a pen and paper, because we have a zinger you're going to want to remember. When Chelsea Handler tried to fat-shame Andy Richter on Conan Tuesday night, she failed miserably, thanks to his epic comeback. Not only did he shut down the fat joke, but he did it in such a way that I watched it three times on repeat. It's that good.

It all started with Handler telling a story about how Jason Biggs accidentally peed on her face, as most things do. Afterward, the conversation naturally segued into her asking host Conan O'Brien if he likes going in the ocean (since apparently, some people "hate it") before she asked Richter. He replied, "I do. I like the ocean very much." What happened next was totally out of left field as she asked, "Do you float a lot in the ocean?" Without missing much of a beat, Richter replied, "Sure. Do you sink? Might be that cast-iron heart." Zing!

Though it's great that Richter had such an amazing comeback, it would have been more fun to watch him and Handler battle it out about something other than a fat joke. As a comedian, I'd think she would have something more original. Guess not.