What Your Fall Boot Choice Says About You

Oh, fall. What would we ever do without you? Thank you for blessing us with cold weather, piles on piles of leaves, and pumpkin flavored everything. But — of course —one of the best parts of the season is the fashion. After all, how could we live without puffy vests with flannel and matching scarves? They’re a blessing, really.

Even better than the scarves and plaid? Boots on boots on boots! No more worrying your pedicure will chip or your flip-flop will break! And socks — so many warm, fuzzy socks that go all the way up to your knees. Craving a cup of apple cider yet?

Most importantly, there are plenty of different types of fall boots to pick from for almost any occasion. From wearing riding boots with leggings to class to finding a nice pair of booties to go with a dress and tights, it’s obvious that you’ll need quite a few pairs in order to keep up with all of your fashion needs.

Since there are so many options in the boot world, each pair tends to have their own personality. Here’s what six popular choices say about you.

1. Riding Boots

Yeah, riding boots are pretty much everyone’s go-to in the fall. They’re comfortable, casual, and go with almost anything. As soon as the weather gets below 50 degrees, I immediately yank them out of my closet and refuse to take them off until April.

But, let’s be honest — they’re pretty basic. So basic — in the best way possible. Drinking a PSL and posing in a pumpkin patch while wearing an infinity scarf gets even better if you're in your riding boots. Plus, there are myriad ways to style them, if you look hard enough on Pinterest.

2. Rain Boots

Nope. Nope. You are not about to put up with any fall rain or winter snow. Not happening.

Rain boots are functional and come in great colors (I mean, have you seen the Tiffany blue Hunters) and patterns. But, most importantly — you’re prepared! You obviously check the weather before getting caught in a monsoon or snow storm and act accordingly. You probably have a crazy organized calendar and spot free room.

3. Bean Boots

There’s a 99 percent chance that you live in the Northeast. Actually, make that 99.9 percent. You pair your Bean Boots with your favorite J.Crew herringbone vest and button down. You're pretty much a walking Ralph Lauren ad.

You enjoy things that are outdoorsy enough to take plenty of IG-worthy photos, like apple picking. You may or may not own a yacht, or at least know someone who does.

4. Combat Boots

You’re stylish and know what’s up in the fashion world, but don’t really want to admit it. You tend to give off an “I’m put together but didn’t try too hard” vibe.

You see yourself as a sophisticated Miley Cyrus: completely unpredictable, but you still have it together (in a way.) You do you, girl.

5. Booties

Again, you also know how to kick it up a notch and go for a trendy pair of boots. You’re probably the fashion guru of your friend group and know everything about fall style.

You wear your booties everywhere: with jeans and a tee, pair with a casual dress, and for a night out. Who needs riding boots when you have your own signature footwear?

6. Anything With A High Heel

Girl, it’s fall. How are you supposed to step on crunchy leaves in those?

Images: LoloStock/Fotolia; Nine West; Hunter; L.L. Bean; Aeropostale; Gap; Charlotte Russe