ChapStick Is Way Cooler Than You Might Remember

I have sort of an obsession with drugstore lip balms. The supposed phenom known as lip balm addiction is well-documented (and likely a work of fiction) but with the cold climate and chapped lip season upon us, I, along with most other lip conscious ladies, tend to overstock on a variety of balm of all sorts of formulas and flavors. Lately, though, my old friend ChapStick has pulled ahead of the pack and of the crowded lip balm/lip product ranks.

So, when did the long-existing brand, which got a pop culture injection a few years back from Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl," become so, well, cool?

Well, I have a few theories. First was when it launched new delicious (but not overly sweet) flavors, like Cake Batter, or added Vanilla Creme to one of its mega moisture versions. This can be counterproductive, since the yummy taste encourages licking, which leads to more drying and then further application — so it's an endless cycle that perhaps lip balm makers and marketers want! The more you use, the more they sell. But whatever. It smells great.

Regardless, when it's cold outside, your lips suffer and balm is the buffer, and, clearly, ChapStick isn't the only one in the game anymore.

I used to have no preference between the eos globes, like the ones Miley Cyrus product placed on her lips in her "We Can't Stop" video, or Burt's Bees with their shimmery offerings, or even the heavy duty, almost medical Carmex, with its blast of menthol freshness.

Recently, however, I've gone back to the ChapStick roots of my chapped lipped childhood. Yes, the classic original flavor, with its faint hint of mint, and the lightly flavored cherry version will always inevitably transport me to the backseat of my family car, driving to school in winter.

But Cake Batter, which is colorless, makes my lips look plumped up with some subtle sheen — and tastes/smells amazing. It's not glossy, but it definitely looks like I am wearing a lip product while delivering HEAPS of moisture.

Here are five more reasons why you need to start pocketing some Chappies before winter gets here.

1. The Brand Is On Trend

ChapStick just launched a new Total Hydration Series, which is Asian inspired, infused with a botanical complex, ingredients with Omega fatty acids, all those good butters (like shea), and has a twist up, lipstick-like tube. So it's good for your lips and easy to use. The flavors — Luscious Lemon Delight, especially — are also way more subtle than some of the more holiday or foodie scents.

2. Flavor First

I also loved the MixStix when they launched — dual-ended, smoothie-flavored lip miracles meant to be layered for a double flavor punch.

3. More Than Moist

The dual-ended Hydration Lock series offers a day and a night end, meeting different lip care needs. The day end is infused with SPF, while the night side has a super moisturizing formula. They even come with color coded caps.

4. Fun To Kiss With

ChapStick also makes your lips so soft and tasty with seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Pie — perfect for making out over some PSLs, amirite?

5. Holiday Happy Lips

ChapStick gets in on the holiday fun, too, and celebrates the Christmas season with this limited edition Candy Cane flavor. If you happen to hang mistletoe as part of your holiday decor, well, this would be the perfect balm to apply to your pucker before you stand under the plant and beg for a smooch.

Images: auremar/Fotolia; YouTube (1); ChapStick (10)