Taylor Swift's '1989' Track List Is Out

by Caitlyn Callegari

Taylor Swift did what any good, internet preoccupied millennial would do and revealed the track list to her new album, 1989 , on her Instagram Wednesday evening. I mean, it's an effective tactic. At least that's what I'd do if I had a sure to be hit album on my hands. If you think about it, it's almost amazing she didn't shut down the mega popular app with the number of likes she got in such a short period of time. We have all been waiting for this with baited breath, after all. She's already released a few of her songs, namely "Shake it Off," "Out of the Woods," and "Welcome to New York," which have been all kinds of catchy, but to see her entire track list has finally satisfied my curiosity to say the least.

We also have some insight into who those recently released songs (and one other) is about, or at least rumored to be about. Harry Styles is apparently the inspiration for "Out of the Woods," Katy Perry for "Bad Blood," there's a sweet homage to her brother and Karlie Kloss in "Welcome to New York," and just a general hater shout out in "Shake it Off." Which makes me wonder what her other songs are about. But first things first, here's the coveted list:

Now that we've seen the track list, let's ponder about the new song titles...


Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind for this one is the horrific and soul crushing ailment that is writer's block. Hm, a song about writer's block. I can dig it.


Are we referring to your much talked about new "style," Tay? Because for real, where do you shop? I love it all.


Not sure who this is about but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'll love it regardless, especially when I'm driving through a particularly nasty rain storm.


What, Taylor? You wish they would what?! Come over? Cook me dinner? Take a long walk off a short pier? This could go two ways. Sentimental and romantic or sarcastic and biting. I kinda hope for the latter.


If anyone knows what that's like it's TSwift. Is there a 24 year old with a better life? Idk...


I'll be typing up the lyrics to this and casually dropping it off in every mailbox of the people I'd like to date. Is that coming on too strong?


I hope it's about her love affair with all her famous BFFs. That'd be cute.


My possible anthem for when I don't want to go to the awful bars my friends suggest and my friends demand that I offer another option.


I'm predicting a soothing, post-breakup song about being cleansed of all attachments and satisfied with your new, single self. After all, that's Swift's new mantra and I seriously love it.

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