Statue Of Liberty's Halloween Bow Ties Are A New Form Of Brand Marketing

If you've ever wondered what Lady Liberty would be for Halloween, we now have the answer: a Brooklyn hipster. This Halloween, the Statue of Liberty will wear a giant bow tie, but it's not just because she's feeling a bit festive this year. It's all just part of a large-scale advertising scheme, with Lady Liberty serving as the billboard. Interactive? Yes. Weird? Kind of.

Why is the Statue of Liberty advertising bow ties? Good question. It's reportedly for the launch of Nick Graham, a new, eponymously named menswear line from the creator of Joe Boxer. Fortunately, the fashion line sells more than just bow ties.

The PR stunt first surfaced in an Oct. 14 press release announcing Nick Graham, calling it a "global lifestyle brand." The fashion line arrived in Macy's on that day, but that wasn't all Nick Graham — the person, not the lifestyle brand — had up his sleeve. According to the release, Graham "hinted that later in the fall his campaign would involve helicopters, 80' bow ties, and the Statue of Liberty."

And it looks like the press release came true: On Oct. 31, New Yorkers will wake up to see Lady Liberty wearing a 60-foot bow tie. Why is Graham using the most famous woman in America to advertise his latest menswear styles? Another good question. Maybe New York City has run out of ad space?

Michael Nagle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If a 60-foot bow tie wasn't enough, New Yorkers should expect to see a bunch of helicopters buzzing around Lady Liberty on Halloween. You see, she won't actually be wearing the bow tie — it'll be held up in front of her, hanging down from the helicopter with giant cables. According to Gothamist, the FAA has already signed off on the PR stunt.

Although the National Parks Service also approved of the Halloween fashion show, a spokesperson for the National Parks of New York Harbor told USA Today that the bow tie-tugging helicopters will be about 1,000 feet from Lady Liberty at all times:

The Park Service is aware that this is something that Nick Graham is planning on doing. We were told it would be taking place 1,000 feet from Liberty Island, which would make it not on our property.

In case you were wondering what color or patterned bow ties the Statue of Liberty will kinda-sorta-maybe be wearing on Halloween, it's festive as ever: an orange bow tie with white polka dots, and a black one with orange polka dots. We know she'll make 'em look good.

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