'OITNB' Just Became Real For Teresa Giudice

It's really ironic and odd how things work out sometimes. As if Teresa Giudice's life couldn't get any more poetically and unfortunately skewed between television reality and fiction, she's now going to be serving her sentence in the Orange is the New Black prison, according to TMZ. To reiterate, if you weren't already aware of the situation, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star was sentenced to 15 months in prison and she's set to serve this January as her husband, Joe Giudice, will care for their four children in the meantime. When Teresa returns from serving, Joe will then serve his 41 months.

TMZ remarks that the Fabulicious! author has,"...Been begging the judge for weeks not to send her to Danbury ... which the show depicts as being one of the worst prisons in the U.S." While what Joe and Teresa did was most certainly and undeniably wrong, after getting to "know" her on RHONJ for the past five years I can't help but wonder how she'll fare there. After all, aside from it being "one of the worst prisons," Teresa is used to living comfortably, and if you've seen OITNB, comfortable is not it. But, despite my uncertainty, in her interview on Watch What Happens Live , she proclaimed, "I'm gonna do fine. I'll just slick my hair back and go about my day."