Lena Dunham Dyed Her Hair Green — Or Is It Blue?

Last time Lena Dunham shocked us with her hair update, it was when she went full-on platinum blonde (and looked so chic, might I add.) This time, she's debuting new green locks — or, is her hair blue? Ah, blue or green... this is one of the great questions of life, I tell you.

It's kind of tough to tell on Instagram, so I guess we'll just have to wait till she makes an appearance for the Canadian leg of the tour for her #1 New York Times Bestselling book "Not That Kind of Girl." After all, that is why she made the switch, according to her caption. The new 'do is courtesy of New York City celebrity stylist Rheanne White and colorist Tanner Bassett.

Lena Dunham has been a bit of a hair chameleon since the world was introduced to her, but she usually sticks to shades of brunette, besides her dabble in the blonde world. So, the big question is, what color's next? (I kind of vote baby pink.)

Yes, I do love Dunham's new hair color, but what I love more about this pic is her adorable rescue dog, Lamby. I know it's seriously not cool to dye a dog's hair, but how cute would it be if they were twinsies?