Waterfall Moves Reverse Due To Extreme Winds And It's Like Something Out Of A Fantasy Movie – VIDEO

Well, this is something. Some hikers exploring the Derbyshire Peak District in England yesterday found this incredible backwards waterfall, and it looks like something that would be in a movie like the David Bowie classic, Labyrinth. The River Kinder, where the rare phenomenon was found to be occurring, looks like pure magic under the influence of heavy winds pushing the water flow back in on itself, and giving the illusion that the waterfall is disappearing into some mystical black hole (hello, Hogwarts, maybe? Please?). The waterfall itself is 98 feet tall, which means thats some mighty wind blowing it back (hello, Linka, Planeteer of Wind, maybe? Please?).

In what's probably the most beautiful blow job I've ever seen, the backward bending waterfall is really a sight to behold. Given that the wind in New York often sends me flying, however, this probably isn't a wind tunnel I'd be scrambling to get near. Although when there's so much nasty crap going on in the world every day, and so many people being mean to each other all the time, these feats of nature can remind you that there's more going on around us than our daily perspective accounts for. And that nature, of course, remains a thing of formidable power, and often ethereal beauty. Watch below.

Rod Kirkpatrick on YouTube

Image: YouTube