These Wedding Photos Will Leave You Speechless

Every bride wants to capture special moments from her big day with beautiful photos, but one lifestyle photographer has found a way to make wedding snapshots look like something straight out of a fantasy. Adam Opris photographs happy newlywed couples underwater.

His photos — all of which were captured underwater at the Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo, Florida — are absolutely stunning. In one, a couple kisses while the bride’s long, lacey veil floats behind her. In another, a bride poses with her arm behind her as her dress swirls dramatically in the water. Each of the pictures has an ethereal quality, with the brides' wedding gowns only adding to the magical feel of it all.

Of course, getting such breathtaking shots can take some serious prep work. Per the Huffington Post, Opris first came up with the concept as a means of combining his passion for ocean and wedding photography. But turning the idea into a reality wasn’t easy. He had to undergo training in order to become diving-certified, find the right equipment, and practice shooting underwater.

Not that Opris minds making a splash. In fact, his choice in setting seems like a natural fit for the artist, who says he's spent most of his life by water. As he explains on his website:

I grew up in South Florida with a love for everything outdoors. I’ve practically lived in the ocean my whole life.

After experimenting with his underwater technique for about a year and a half by photographing pregnant clients in the pool, Otis was finally ready to take the plunge (literally). He found four brave brides and two grooms willing to make the 25-foot dive with him, as well as a team of safety divers to supervise.

While the images may take more effort (and more courage) than your average wedding photos, the end result is clearly worth it. The pictures are gorgeous. Plus, I’m pretty sure these brides can safely say no one has wedding photos quite like theirs.

Of course, this isn't the first time couples have taken a dive off the deep end to say "I do." It seems Opris is just the latest to hop on the underwater trend. There are entire underwater wedding packages available for people who would rather take a dip in the ocean than a walk down the aisle, and it only takes a quick search on YouTube to find clips of newlyweds in scuba masks exchanging everything from rings to kisses while submerged in the deep blue sea.

But Opris' photography is unique in that, well, it's beautiful. You won't find any wetsuits or oxygen tanks here — just breathtaking shots of couples who are literally floating on their wedding day. And that's really what it's all about anyway, right?

Source: Adam Opris Photography