Watch These Guys Lip Synch Old Ladies' Convos

Being that I'm obsessed with my sister and she is the greatest human to ever live, I can only hope that one day when we're a couple of saucy Olds, we're blessed enough to have our hilarious and deeply compelling conversations documented by our adoring progeny. (In other words, I plan for she and I to be saying stupid stuff at each other until we die, and I hope someone is bored enough to care.) Bonus points if our kids turn out half as funny as sketch comedy trio The Kloons, aka Mitch Lewis, Greg Washburn, Nik Kazoura. Nik has been recently recording audio of his mom and aunt as they talk about Important Old Lady Things, and then lip synching those conversations with one of his fellow Kloonsies. I probably don't need to tell you that it's pretty flawlessly wonderful. You kinda can't go wrong with a combination of old lady chatter and cute, funny dudes.

I'm also very attracted to the one who looks like Paulie Shore in Encino Man . I just needed to confess that. I'm not proud of it, but here we are.

Here are the four episodes they've gifted the world with thus far:

Image: The Kloons/YouTube