You know what the world truly needs? Not an end to world hunger or more access to sustainable energy. What we really need is a new Kim Kardashian perfume. I mean, there are only six already…

Launching Thursday, Kardashian’s seventh scent is a floral number called Fleur Fatale and boasts notes of violet, peony, white musk, sandalwood, and black current, packaged in a pretty, little white rose-shaped bottle.

Her reason behind fragrance número siete is well, quite literal. According to her reps, since Kim K’s life is just “blossoming” away into its next chapter, she thought it was the right time to “plant a new seed.” I understand that that’s a serious, non-ironic quote but come on, really? I feel like there’s some joke I’m just not being let in on. “There is something dangerously alluring about Kim, a magnetic energy that lures people into her world,” explains the Kardashian team. Oh. So she’s apparently a blossoming flower and seductive enchantress. OK. Good. Also judging by this ad, she thinks she can rock the after-sex, after-nap, messy, bed-head look…

Don’t get me wrong – girlfriend can definitely pull off some risky fashion choices and make them ultra-fabulous. But, um, what’s going on here? I am genuinely curious.

For someone whose sleek, perfectly-coiffed tresses have become their moniker, this look is uh, well, let’s just say, a little different from what we’re used to seeing from good, old Kim K. While it’s not my cup of tea exactly, if you’re digging the intentionally messy look, it’s pretty easy to achieve. Just check out some styling suggestions below.

1. Wake Up

And do not even think about running a comb through that mane.

2. Drop Out of Beauty School

Pink tint fully optional.

3. Embrace Strong Gusts of Wind


4. Have a Serial Killer Help Style Your Locks

À la I Know What You Did Last Summer

5. Or Enlist Your Corgi To Help

He's only the cutest hair stylist ever!

6. Spin Around Drunkenly

This tip is Gossip Girl approved, obviously.

7. Or Just Be Robert Pattinson

Images: Getty Images; Giphy