So... Emoji Masks Exist

by Sienna Fantozzi

If you're looking for a simple, last minute Halloween costume, or just want to make your texting really literal, then you might want to check out this website. Emoji masks are now a thing, either to millennialize traditional Halloween costumes, or to obliterate having to show human emotion altogether. I'm somewhat afraid for society. has released mask versions of five emojis — smile, grin, heart eyes, sly guy, and, of course, poop. Though I'm a tad disappointed... where's my monkey-with-hands-on-head, or like, the mischievous purple guy with the horns? The St. Louis based company is charging $5 per mask, or you can get all five for $15. So it's definitely a much less expensive way to eliminate smile lines than fillers.

Unfortunately, according to the website, the masks are backordered and won't arrive in time for Halloween, which means these guys are going to be used more for self-expression (or ironic Instagramming) than trick-or-treating. It's quirky and whimsical enough, but I feel like these masks are actually pretty creepy and make you look like you're about to make a sadistic bank robbery attempt.

But as the site says,“we promise it will be the most LOLZ you’ve ever had for $5.” Go wild.

Images: EmojiMasks; Giphy