8 Sexy Netflix Movies to Get You All Hot & Bothered

There's no need to wait for Valentine's Day to roll around for you to indulge in some serious, sexy movie binge-watching. While you're marking off the days on your calendar until Friends comes to Netflix, make good use of your time and check out seven of the steamiest, sexiest movies currently streaming on Netflix.

Image: Warner Bros.

'Blue Valentine'

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling play a husband and wife whose relationship is chronicled from the dating stage through the end of their marriage. In line with the subject matter, the film is very emotionally charged, but there’s something about the low lighting in which some scenes are shot (aside from the lovey-dovey moments) that enhances its sultry, sexy feel.

Image: Hunting Lane/Silverwood Films


Julianne Moore olays a gynecologist who suspects her husband (Liam Neeson) is cheating, which prompts her to hire an escort (played by Amanda Seyfried) who takes the task a little too serious. The film is majorly creepy, but that doesn’t take away from its steaminess.

Image: Sony Pictures

'Like Water For Chocolate'

In this film adaptation of a Laura Esquivel novel, when a young woman’s family forbids her from marrying her one true love, she discovers that her secret desires have a strange impact on the food she cooks.

Image: Miramax Films

'Indecent Proposal'

The title of this film is pretty much self-explanatory. Demi Moore’s character rolling around in a bed full of dolla, dolla bills sounds pretty sexy, but the way she came by them? Um…no comment.

Image: Paramount Pictures


Personally, any film starring Richard Gere is steamy, and Unfaithful is about as steamy as they come. Diane Lane plays Gere’s wife, who has an affair with a stranger.

Image: 20th Century Fox

'Fatal Attraction'

This film represents what is possibly the most regrettable one-night stand in history. The scenes between Michael Douglas and Glenn Close make up for all of Close’s cray. Kind of.

Image: Paramount

'Last Tango in Paris'

An American widower whose wife recently committed suicide embarks on a sexual escapade with a woman he meets in Paris. Paris + spontaneous love affair = all the steam.

Image: United Artists