8 Healthy Recipe Hacks So Tasty You Won't Even Realize You're Doubling Up on Veggies

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Let's give a collective hat tip to mom and dad, shall we? The mighty twosome tried their best to find ways to make us eat our vegetables from an early age. They started us on sweet potatoes, avocados, and mashed peas as soon as our pediatricians put solids on the menu; they loaded our bite-size plates up with chopped broccoli and pint-sized green beans faster than our developing tastebuds could say, “Pwease.” Much as we resented them at the time, you’ve got to hand it to ‘em — they really did their best, huh?

Too bad for them we grew up and graduated to a world where chicken fingers, French fries, and a generous helping of mint chocolate chip ice cream constituted a "well-balanced meal." (At least it's… green?) Now, a healthy helping of veggies includes a few extra packages of ketchup (the tomatoes are real, right?) — and if we’re feeling really adventurous, we’ll stop by the local juicer for a kale-buckwheat-chia-seed smoothie to wash down that double cheeseburger we ordered for lunch at the office.

Being an adult may mean we’ve earned the right to ignore most of the rules that mom and dad try to pass on (like combing our hair and chewing with our mouths closed), but we’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to cleaning up in the veggie department, we could use a little parental guidance.

Lucky for us, these eight recipes are so sneaky and so delicious, upping the ante on those leafy greens and vitamin-fueled veggies got a hell of a lot easier.

Image: Naturally Ella

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