The Cutest Music Video of 2014 Is Here (Sorry, 1D)

I'm calling it right now: Cincinnati-based rock band WALK THE MOON's "Shut Up and Dance" music video is hands down the most adorable music video of 2014. If you like catchy melodies, neon lights, retro fashion, awkward dancing, and watching two ridiculously cute people fall in love with each other (and who doesn't?), this video is for you! "Shut Up and Dance" will be featured on WALK THE MOON's upcoming new album, Talking Is Hard , which is due out in December via RCA Records.

WALK THE MOON front man Nicholas Petricca said in a recent interview that the colorful clip for "Shut Up and Dance" was "influenced by the plot-driven music videos of the '80s and nerdy visuals of '90s television" — and believe me, it shows! Specifically, Petricca told Mashable that Rick Springfield's" "Jessie's Girl" video was a "big inspiration." Though the group stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to perform "Shut Up and Dance" in September, the song hasn't quite taken off just yet — but I can almost guarantee that you're going to fall in love with it. It just makes you feel good. With any luck, "Shut Up and Dance's" fantastic visual will give the track the boost it needs to become a hit.

These are the best moments from WALK THE MOON's "Shut Up and Dance" music video:

When Nicholas Walks Into The Club, Trying to "Play It Cool"

He Fails

When This Girl With the Side Ponytail Thinks She's All That (But Forgets That She's Wearing a Denim Jumper)

When Nicholas Sees The Woman of His Dreams

And She's All, "Come Over Here..."

And He's All, "Who? Me??"

When Nicholas' Love For Her Gives Him Many Heads & Even He's Not Sure Why

When Nicholas Backs It Up Because...Well, Because

When Nicholas Gets Punched In the Face Out of the Blue (The First of Many Devastating Punches to Come)

When Their Imaginary Wedding Is Officiated By a Man Wearing an Elephant Mask For Some Reason

When It's Time to Get Punched In the Face Again (POW!)

When They're Dancing & This Glowing Technicolor Dude is Like, "May I cut in?"

When Glowing Technicolor Dude Shows Everybody How It's Done & The Woman of Nicholas' Dreams is Super Into It

When Nicholas Is Thinking, "Aw man, this guy's so much cooler than me" & Then His Head Gets Punched Off Because Everything's Falling Apart

When Nicholas Goes to Heaven & We Discover That He Was Actually the Glowing Technicolor Dude This Entire Time...? Or Something? I Don't Know, Just Go With It!

When The Music Suddenly Cuts Out & Lots of Awkward Dancing Ensues

When Side Pony Returns, Judgmental as Ever In Her Damn Jumper

When Nicholas Whips Out The Pelvic Thrust

When These Guys Are Just Like, "Wow, This Literally Could Not Get Any Worse..."

But Then It Does :(

When The Music Comes Back On & The Whole Place Goes Wild

When It Turns Into a Big Ol' Dance Party

When It Ends Happily Ever After (Aww...)

Oh, And I Almost Forgot! When Nicholas Looks Like This

"Shut Up and Dance" is available on iTunes now.

Images: WalkTheMoonVEVO/YouTube (33)