All Of Lauren Conrad's Braids, Ranked From Pretty To Jaw-Droppingly Stunning

Certain celebrities are known for their signature sartorial inclinations or favored beauty looks. One such association is Lauren Conrad's braids, which are so well-known in Hollywood that they may well be more notorious than the celebrity herself. From milkmaid to french to unicorn — yes, unicorn braids are a genuine hair style — Conrad has tried them all. Here is the definitive ranking of Lauren Conrad's braids.

Image: laurenconrad/Instagram

17: In A 2011 Halloween Costume

I believe Conrad’s fans will agree that this Pippi Longstocking style isn’t charming past the age of five, but since this is a costume, I’ll forgive her.

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram

16: In A Softly Braided Updo

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While this swept-back updo is sweet, the style has been kept in place by an excess of product, and might look better if it were lightly windswept.

15: In A Braid At The Crown

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This tiny braid encircling the crown of Conrad’s hair is adorable, but not as innovative as some of the lifestyle entrepreneur’s other looks.

14: Another Loosely Braided Updo

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Old Hollywood glamour inspired this low, braided updo.

13: In Mussed Braids

Conrad gets bonus style points for adding her canine companions to this Instagram shot of a lightly mussed, braided hairdo.

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram

12: In A Mussed Braid

Lightly feathered layers add ’70s allure to this laid-back side braid.

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram

11: In An Undone Braid

Conrad’s chic “undone braid” looks both intricate and unfussy thanks to the pieces falling apart in the back.

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram

10: At A Birthday Bash

A loose braided updo at the nape of Conrad’s neck looks spiffier with a few tendrils of hair left out at the front/

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram

9: Twisted Updo

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The twists and curls of this red carpet updo create an intriguing layered look.

8: LC Shoot

This delicately twisted, Kristin Ess-designed ‘do would be just a beautiful on a bride as it would be paired with a sweater and skinny jeans for a casual Sunday stroll.

Image: laurenconrad/Instagram

7: In Another Braided Updo

A simple side braid makes its way into a low bun in Conrad’s easy updo.

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram

6: In A Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braids and a center part give Conrad a chic, bohemian vibe.

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram

5: In A Unicorn Braid

The mythical unicorn braid gives dimension and interest to Conrad’s straight locks.

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram

4: In A Fishtale Braided Updo

Perhaps the most intricate fish tale braided updo in recent history, this look appeared in Conrad’s Paper Crown Spring Lookbook last year.

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram

3: In A Tiara And Braided Updo

What could be better than a tiara affixed to a regal braided bun?

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram

2: In Braids And A Floral Crown

A sweet floral crown accents Conrad’s bangs and braid.

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram

1: In A Side Braid

A side braid, a mid-afternoon tea party, and a puppy? Conrad wins with this Instagram snap.

Image: laurenconrad /Instagram