Dad Makes LED Light Mouse Costume For Daughter

Royce Hutain, creator of the "Glowy Zoey" LED light Halloween costume, is pretty much destroying me in the kid Halloween costume game. And make no mistake, there is a heated competition between parents on Halloween (apparently), and parents are being judged according to a lot of criteria: Whether or not you made your kid's costume; how cleverly it references something from pop culture that is both kid-friendly and interesting to adults; something about Frozen, probably. (I'm relatively new to the parenting thing, so I'm unclear about the specifics, so work with me here.) Anyway, Hutain got everyone excited last year when he made a suit with LED lights that made his toddler look like a stick figure, which is admittedly fantastic. This year, he took it to the next level by outfitting his kid with a suit that makes her look like a glow-in-the-dark mouse. I want to hate on this so hard but I can't find a single angle from which to justifiably throw shade. It's pretty damn cute.

Parenting a toddler around Halloween means living on the fence between "I could easily forgo the whole costume thing and this little nugget will never know the difference" and "I could easily put this blessed fool into any costume I want and they really won't have anything to say about it." This year, I've decided that introducing my 2-year-old to jack-o-lanterns and The Nightmare Before Christmas is adequate progress (a theory which conveniently grants me one more wonderful year of avoiding chemical-laden face paints and Halloween candy, aka, the last kind of artificial non-food I would ever want to put into my kid's body.)

Image: Glowy Zoey/Facebook