5 Thanksgiving Pie Lattices That Are Truly Delicious Works Of Art

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Thanksgiving is upon us, and you know what that means... get out some canned fruit filling and your rolling pins, because it's pie time. Pie can make or break a Thanksgiving dinner party. After stuffing our faces full all day long, you really have to have something extraordinary to make the cut on this most glorious of days. So just how do you take your homemade pie above and beyond this season? You make a crazy cool pie lattice, of course!

As pretty as the classic woven lattice may be, don't let your creativity stop there. The following pies take thinking out of the box to a whole new level, and these deliciously sweet desserts are so much more than just pie — they're works of art! Say goodbye to traditional pie lattices this Thanksgiving, get creative, and give your guests a dessert they can't stop Instagramming. Pretty sweet, don't you think?

Image: GreenArt/Fotolia

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