This Real-Life Russian Fight Club Is Insane

It's official: All chill has left Earth. There is absolutely zero chill left anywhere in our wasted world. Today's evidence: Some kind of mass, above-ground fight club in Russia where apparently the first rule is "fuck rules; I am literally just going to beat your ass right here in the street in front of God, Putin and everyone." Because, obviously, why go through all the trouble of figuring out secret meeting locations and vetting possible members to some tediously covert organization when you could just post a mile marker on Craigslist and tell everyone to bundle up and go nuts? These darling Russian angst-machines are making the whole fight club thing much simpler.

I'm somewhat torn as to how I should feel about this video: On one hand, it's not exactly a bowl of kittens blowing me kisses to consider that there are hoards of young bros with so much internalized rage that they have to throw their bodies violently together without even the patience to do so according to the civilized guidelines laid out by the patron saints of Fight Clubbery, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. But on the other hand, they kind of seem to be having a really good time so, honestly, who am I to judge how people pass the desolate winter days in Russia? And then all the Ass Kickers help all the Ass Kickees get up! Presh. YOLO on, kiddos.

Image: Elisy Fedorenko/YouTube