Nicole Miller Designs Philadelphia 76ers' Sixers Dancers Uniforms, And They're Basically Everything

Though professional cheerleaders seem to possess all one could want in terms of positive workplace atmosphere, colleague collaboration, and the adoration of millions, their work uniforms often leave something to be desired. Enter designer Nicole Miller's new uniforms for the Philadelphia 76ers' Sixers Dancers, which combine the exuberance of the average cheerleader uniform with the charm of couture. Women's Wear Daily announced that the uniforms will first be revealed on the court when the 76ers launch into the 2014/2015 basketball season. For those who can't wait to get a first glimpse of the dress, a sneak peek is on display in the Philadelphia-based Nicole Miller store.

The Sixers Dancers, who cheer for the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team, often sport the itty bittiest of ensembles, often consisting of spandex shorts and sports bras so minute that even the sportiest Soul Cycle class attendee wouldn't be caught wearing it to break a sweat. Taking a cue from Diane von Furstenberg, Miller crafted the Sixers Dancers new uniform out of deep blue jersey. The dresses feature a plunging neckline and mini skirt to show off the dancers' fit physiques.

Will Nicole Miller's uniforms inspire other teams to adopt more chic, covered-up looks for their dancers and cheerleaders? Only time will tell, but this in one trend I'm willing to cheer for.