'Once Upon A Time' Has Cast Its Prince Eric & He Really Looks Like a Cartoon Disney Prince

Some people are just genetically gifted. It's my job to look at famous people all day, so I feel I can speak to this with some authority. One of these genetically gifted people is former Supernatural and Friday Night Lights guest-starrer Gil McKinney, who's always looked like what would happen if Enchanted were real and Disney princes could just saunter out of their cartoon fairylands. Now, as if kismet (or just an observant casting director) intervened, McKinney's been cast as an actual Disney prince. Specifically, he'll be playing Prince Eric in the upcoming third season of Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time sent about two-thrids of its cast to Neverland at the end of last season, and presumably that's where we'll be meeting up with Ariel and her suitor this season. Ariel will be played by Joanna Garcia Swisher.

McKinney's previous roles included a stint as the philandering T.A. who seduced Julie in the fifth season of Friday Night Lights, as well as a guest-spot as the Winchesters' studly paternal grandpa in the most recent season of Supernatural. But look at his face: It's like he's been waiting to play a Disney prince this entire time.

[Images via Beyond Hollywood, Teleseries]