12 Pieces of Skin Care Advice from Celebs Because Skin Cancer Is No Joke, As Wolverine Will Tell Ya

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Celebrities are not perfect. No matter what they look like or how they act, they have the same health and beauty concerns that we all have. Hugh Jackman is no exception. Although he played a super hero in X-Men movies, the actor is not indestructible. Hugh Jackman just had his third skin cancer treatment within the past year. In November 2013 the actor said, "So just to be clear, it is skin cancer — it's a basal cell carcinoma, which of all the skin cancers, is the most minor. But you do need to take care of it immediately because it's growing."

He is right. Even though this might not be the most "severe" type of cancer, especially when caught early on, it is still very important to be conscious about. Jackman is not the only celebrity who has spoken out about preventing and treating skin cancer. Click through to see what 11 more stars have to say about the sun.

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