Your Frizzy Hair Prayers Have Been Answered

On the ever-so-long list of beauty woes, there's one horrible little annoyance that seems to affect everyone: frizzy hair. Unless you live in a magical place that never experiences sudden showers, even those blessed with a shiny curtain of stick straight have fallen victim to the frizz. So, of course, the release of Kérastase's Carré Lissant Smoothing Sheets should have everyone feeling a little curious.

For those with fine, frizzy hair (read: me), you've probably found that any smoothing creams, oils, or serums give you that not-so-cute greasy look, and suck precious volume out of your thin strands. Instead of piling on goop, I tend to rely heavily on a flat or curling iron to smooth out my hair's cuticles, even though I know I'm just frying away my strands, creating even more frizz-inducing damage. Or, you know, throw it all up in a topknot. Ughhh. Everything is so hard.

Recently, though, I think I discovered a game-changer. Everyone knows the trick of running a dryer sheet over your hair to get rid of static in the winter, right? Well, the folks at Kérastase have vastly improved on that beauty hack and come up with this purple box of frizz-fighting goodness.

Unlike dryer sheets, which are just covered in fabric softener, these have a lightweight wax formula specifically for smoothing down hair. Plus, they have a light, rose-y, musk-y scent that's way more appealing than Spring & Renewal.

Otherwise? Yeah, they're basically just dryer sheets. Except they really, truly, work to smooth down your hair. My naturally wavy hair was having a particularly rough time this past week, what with all the torrential downpours in NYC. See?

Not the frizziest it's ever been, but certainly not sleek and shiny enough to see my reflection in (which is, obviously, what everyone aims for...).

Using the sheets is as simple as you'd imagine — just run one wax side down all over your hair. I'd stay an inch or two away from your roots since it really does make everything super shiny, and I wouldn't want you teetering towards that "greasy" vibe.

One sheet should do the trick for your whole head — my hair's pretty fine, so I still had some waxy texture left over on my sheet once I finished.

Wow! So smooth! Such shine! Yeah, I lost a little volume, but it was nothing some light finger tousling at the roots couldn't fix. While I only tried this when my hair was curly, I imagine the sheets would have a particularly stunning effect on a blowout as well. If you're convinced, you can score a pack of 50 Kérastase Carré Lissant sheets for $28 at Kérastase Consultant Salons, or online at from November 1 through the end of the year.

Images: Brent Karwatowski