McDonald's Australia's Pop-Up Restaurant Is Shaped Like a Happy Meal, And It Is Incredible

Once again, good old Mickey D's is taking fast food to a whole new level with the debut of McDonald's Australia's "World's Largest Lunch Box," a pop-up restaurant that's now circulating the country. The lunch box was created in the familiar shape of a Happy Meal, and McDonald's will be giving out free Steak Taster Wraps (a new item featuring steak and garlic aïoli, or steak and BBQ) to its Australian customers in cities like Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Sydney. All this comes after a report that the fast food chain's overall profits dropped 30 percent at the end of their last quarter, with Business Insider also reporting a 3.3 percent drop in sales worldwide. Seeing as Australia is one of McDonald's four troubled markets, this new pop-up innovation portends to boost sales across the country.

McDonald's has also endeavored to increase international sales by implementing items like the black burger in Japan, and has plans to make their menu more customizable. Still, it's been difficult for the company to bounce back from the fact that it was rated by 32,000 American diners as having the worst hamburgers in America. Creating the "World's Largest Lunch Box" in Australia, however, seems like a good place to start.

In addition to the "World's Largest Lunch Box," McDonald's Australia (also known as Macca's) has released a luxury car delivery service, appropriately titled "McDelivery" cars. The real catch is that these cars are actually Lamborghinis and Ferraris (a Ferrari F430 Spider to be exact), but they come at a price. There is a $25 minimum for delivering food and a $5 delivery charge should you desire for your Big Mac to arrive in style. Still, more than 20 restaurants in Brisbane have already opted to use the car service.

Both of these recent marketing strategies show a lot of promise for the company, and have been met with enthusiasm on Twitter:

Of course, only time will tell if these new innovations are able to turn around the recent decline in McDonald's sales. In the meantime, might I suggest a pop-up restaurant and luxury car service here in the U.S. as well?

Images: McDonald's Australia/Facebook; detikFood, John McDougall, makayla, Jonathan Khoo/Twitter