Kate the Werewolf Returns To 'Supernatural' Season 10, But Is She Really a Predator this Time?

Supernatural is getting a much needed dose of girl power after a few weeks heavy with boy fights, beer, man demons, karaoke to "Right Said Fred," and other testosterone-fueled nonsense. Sure, the angel Hannah has been running around with Castiel lately and we caught a glimpse of Rowena at the end of "Soul Survivor," but that's not enough to really satisfy the Supernatural masses, is it? It's definitely not enough for a card-carrying feminist like myself. But the time has come for one of the prodigal daughters to return. Season 8's Kate the werewolf returns in the Season 10 episode "Paper Moon," and while she only appears in the promo for a second, according to the synopsis for the Supernatural episode, she may have been a bad wolf since we last saw her. When Dean and Sam let Kate live, she promised she would never let the monster side get the better of her, but since the synopsis suggests she's responsible for some werewolf attacks, she may have broken her word.

So either the sweet Kate has suddenly turned into a cold-blooded killer or something else is going on here. I'm banking on something else, because from what we saw of Kate in Season 8's "Bitten" and what she experienced with her boyfriend and his friend who ultimately turned into a monster, there's no way she would want to become the same bloodthirsty supernatural being. Watch the promo for "Paper Moon" below.

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So what is going on here? My guess is that Kate has been kidnapped or held hostage by another werewolf or even a pack of werewolves that are not so concerned with staying "vegetarian," if you will. They seem to be killing whoever they want with no thought to the consequences. If there is a chance Kate has murdered someone, it can't be by choice. I can only believe that she's being forced to do terrible things by someone else. The real question is, what is the actual killer's plan or end goal here? Are they just killing people for the hell of it? For the sport of it? Or are they attempting to create an army, or even just a family? Is it at all possible that there is an alpha among them? We know how dangerous those alpha monsters are from what we saw in Season 6 with the scary Mother Eve. Or maybe they're just acting like the monsters they are and hunting people for sport and forcing Kate to do the same. The problem is, once she tastes that human flesh, she probably won't want to go back.

On a side note, it's nice to see that Dean is ready to get back to the hunt and the job of protecting people so quickly after his bout with demon-hood. It's especially interesting that his first case back with his humanity centers around a woman he let go because he believed in her humanity over her monster nature. Will his judgment be clouded if it turns out she is killing people? Will his judgment be clouded if it turns out she isn't? "Paper Moon" is going to be a fascinating watch not just to see Kate's return, but also to see how Dean will react to whatever turn of events transpire.

Image: Katie Yu/The CW