In Other News: September 4, 2013

'In Other News' is Bustle's daily roundup of the stories, videos, and more media you might have missed.

And in the least surprising news of all time, here we have it: the death knell of Anthony Weiner's career, or at the very least, doomed run for mayor of New York. A video has surfaced of Weiner screaming abrasively at a voter, who is calmly telling him — more surprising news coming up — that he's maybe not exactly the best candidate for the job.

How on earth is one meant to feel about Ariel Castro's suicide? And why is it so easy for prisoners to kill themselves?

There appears to be a female "vigilante" on the loose in Mexico, who is killing numerous bus drivers.

To raise awareness of Texas' anti-abortion laws, two professors have created a video game in which the goal is to obtain an abortion. Clue: it's hard.

Could Facebook be used as a tool for prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases?

This couple refuses to post a single photograph of their daughter on the Internet, for fear of exposing her to facial recognition technology, Facebook profiling, and data theft.

Speaking of: why on earth are people making Twitter accounts for their babies?

Guys. Guys. Sometimes people have power lunches, and the Times is ON IT.

This link turns your Facebook Timeline into a music video. Really. You know you want to.

"Do women really want equality?" ponders TIME. Hear them out.

George Zimmerman has been pulled over for speeding again, and this time it's on tape:

Next year, Google Glass is opening an App Store of its very own.

Wanna know what actors turned down the lead roles in 50 Shades Of Grey? Of course you do, and here they are.

Take a tour into the underbelly of weird foreign snacks...

And finally, the worst job interview ever: LG implanted a TV into a window-esque box on the wall — so that it looked like a window — and then played footage of a city on fire. Understandably, wannabe employees freaked out.