Ranking Mindy Kaling's 18 Best Instagrams By How Mindy Lahiri They Are

By Kaitlin Reilly
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I am completely obsessed with everything about The Mindy Project, which means that I am equally as crazy about the person who created the delightful Fox sitcom, Mindy Kaling. To add just one more layer of love, I also happen to feel a kindred spirit to Kaling's brainchild, Mindy Lahiri. Kaling's creation has some key differences from Kaling herself — Lahiri is a doctor, Kaling is a doctor of comedy — but they share just enough similarities to make viewers feel like they are getting at least a little glimpse into Kaling's wonderful, funny brain. Check out these photos from Kaling's Instagram page, ranked from pure Kaling to oh-so-Lahiri.

Images: mindykaling/Instagram

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