Ranking Mindy Kaling's 18 Best Instagrams By How Mindy Lahiri They Are

I am completely obsessed with everything about The Mindy Project, which means that I am equally as crazy about the person who created the delightful Fox sitcom, Mindy Kaling. To add just one more layer of love, I also happen to feel a kindred spirit to Kaling's brainchild, Mindy Lahiri. Kaling's creation has some key differences from Kaling herself — Lahiri is a doctor, Kaling is a doctor of comedy — but they share just enough similarities to make viewers feel like they are getting at least a little glimpse into Kaling's wonderful, funny brain. Check out these photos from Kaling's Instagram page, ranked from pure Kaling to oh-so-Lahiri.

Images: mindykaling/Instagram


Lahiri is obviously insanely smart (I mean, she did go to medical school and everything) but in her off time she’s more likely to curl up with a Cosmo than an actual book.


A salad? Really? Lahiri has to eat sugar every two hours for her blood sugar, obviously. Then again, she would be inclined to Instagram a good looking salad — even if she’d rather snack on something else.


Kaling herself admitted that Lahiri’s bras (pictured here) are waaay more colorful and plentiful then her “three tattered flesh-toned ones.” (She might let you borrow them, Kaling!)


Both Kaling and Lahiri would totally snap photos of their manicure, though something tells me that Lahiri wouldn’t be able to get her nail polish quite as neat. I mean, it’s not like she’s a surgeon.


Kaling admitted to “hating” this green juice, but I doubt that Lahiri would ever even get this far in the cup. If she did, she’d absolutely Instagram it.


Both Kaling and Lahiri are Bostonians, hence Kaling’s supportive shirt.


Both Kaling and Lahiri adore fun sneakers, but considering that these aren’t “exercise” shoes that “boost” her calorie burn, Lahiri might skip them.


Both Lahiri and Kaling would look fabulous in this dress, though I can’t help but think that Lahiri would add an extra pop of color — or sequins.


Kaling and Lahiri both love food trucks, though Lahiri might prefer to get pizza, extra cheese.


Lahiri would be allllll about these American flag sandals. The only reason it doesn’t rank higher is because she doesn’t technically own them — that’s all Kaling.


Ditto for this perfect Fourth of July hoodie. Lahiri might want to steal those.


Have more profound words ever been spoken? Kaling and Lahiri (also, uh, meeee!) abide by this food philosophy, though Lahiri may not broadcast it on a purse — let them eat cake, let’s just not talk about it.


A really fierce outfit that both Kaling and Lahiri would wear, though Lahiri would toss on a cardigan — it’s cold in that office!


Here’s a sweater that would be perfect on both Kaling and Lahiri! Might be a tad casual for Lahiri’s office, which is why it doesn’t rank higher. But off the clock? So cute!


Puppets? Lahiri LOVES puppets. Remember her hand puppet that taught public access television viewers about the cervix?


Ending up on the floor at a party? Totally Lahiri. Though it can’t rank higher because Lahiri’s parties are far more of a disaster than this photo describes.


Chilling out on the couch in printed sweats? Could not be more Mindy Lahiri. Unless it’s…


…this photo of Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina, aka Danny Castellano! Could they be any cuter sitting on the subway set together? Of course they couldn’t. #DannyAndMindyForever.