North West is Designing Hermès Bags Now

The Wests certainly have a way with presents. Remember when Kanye gifted Kim Kardashian that awful-looking, custom-painted, nude-covered Hermès Birkin? Well, she just got another one of those to add to her collection of insanely expensive purses, except this time, it's got a little bit more meaning. According to People, Kanye West gave his wife another, but this time Kim Kardashian's Hermès handbag was painted North West. Yes, you read that correctly. West commissioned his 1-year-old daughter to custom design a purse that likely cost him thousands of dollars.

So, here's exactly how it went down. Kardashian told People that after a whirlwind birthday week, hubby Kanye whisked her away to Hawaii for a day and presented her with a gift. "Kanye had a box, a purse, this Hermès purse, and I opened it and I thought it was so cool. It was all painted really cool and then there was my computer and it said, ‘Press Play,’ ” said Kardashian. "I pressed play and my daughter was sitting outside painting the purse. I thought it was an artist that painted the purse, some custom thing. I thought it was some new artist, and it was my daughter. It was amazing and I have it all on video."

Just a few notes about the entire thing: Firstly, Kim Kardashian's reaction to being given *another* Hermès bag? "It was so cool." I mean, how else should a girl who has everything (including a crap load of vintage Birkins and Kellys) react? Secondly, I would really have loved to hear her exact words when she saw the purse. Was she spouting off young, up-and-coming artist names? Did she pretend like she knew who painted the thing? "Is this a so-and-so? You know how I LOVE so-and-so, Ye!" And lastly, she described her daughter's art as "amazing." Really, though? OK, OK, I'm starting to sound like a cynic. It is really sweet. But I'd like to see it first before I make any real judgments.

In addition to this special birthday surprise, Kardashian was also gifted a shopping spree... at The Gap. Kardashian told UsWeekly, "Kanye took me away for 24 hours and was like, 'What do I get the girl that has so much?' Sleep and no paparazzi and shopping at The Gap." Wait. What? OK. So, what did Kardashian end up getting at... her... favorite store... The Gap... ? "We spent two hours shopping at The Gap and we haven't been there in years. We bought creme sweaters — we bought like five of them and we're going to reconstruct them and make things out of them." The West-Kardashian crew loves them their custom clothing and accessories.

Image: Instagram/KimKardashian