The T. Swift + Bey Collaboration of Your Dreams

Ever since the Kanye West VMA interruption of 2009, we've all been dreaming of a Taylor Swift and Beyoncé collaboration, and it's finally here. Well, kind of. Some genius mashed up Bey's "XO" with T. Swift's "Out of the Woods," and it's as perfect as you imagined. Though their vocals aren't put together to sound like a duet — Swift doesn't sing at all, actually — the beat from the 1989 track plays as Beyoncé sings flawlessly. I personally think there was an opportunity to make the mashup about searching "in the darkest night hour" through the woods (snowmobiles optional). But then would that mean Swift loves Harry Styles like "XO," too? You can turn all of their lights out if it means that they'll later share a spotlight together.

While I don't think that Beyoncé would ever invite Swift to remix one of her songs, like Nicki Minaj in "Flawless" recently, it wouldn't be a total stretch for Swift to ask Bey. "Welcome to New York" could use some Beyonce flair, or they could even "Shake It Off" together, "Single Ladies" style. If not, we can just re-live when Beyonce let Swift finish her speech at the VMAs forever and ever.