Ariana's New Music Video Is On The Way

The pop princess who wears a pair of cat ears atop her voluminous hair in lieu of a traditional crown will grace her loyal subjects with a new music video sometime in the near future. The video for Ariana Grande's “Love Me Harder,” a scorching hot fireball of a jam featuring the vocal stylings of The Weeknd, is in the works. Rejoice! Rejoice! (...And there was much rejoicing.) Though the vid’s premiere date is TBD, a behind-the-scenes clip treats Arianators to a lil preview of what’s to come. It’s sort of like an episode of Making the Video. Ya know, if each episode of Making the Video was only two minutes long. (Question: Why did Making the Video ever end? MTV needs to revive that show. Maybe I’ll draw up a petition.)

According to director Hannah Lux Davis, the video moments we see in the BTS clip are “about this tug of war of loving harder.” No, The Weeknd and Grande don't hold opposite ends of a rope and try to yank the other to the ground. It ain't that literal, my friend.

So, what does happen? Um... some things...? Yeah, the BTS got me amped for the video (ARIANATOR 4 LYFE), but it also left me with some questions:

  1. Does a Phantom of the Opera moment happen with that chandelier, or no?
  2. Like, will that light fixture fall at the camera and scare the audience just like that giant chandelier does in the Phantom of the Opera stage show?
  3. What’s with all of the sand?
  4. Am I wrong to assume this abandoned mansion was hit by a sandstorm?
  5. Wait, Casper Smart's first name is actually Beau?
  6. Am I the only person who didn't know that?
  7. Is it snowing in the basement?
  8. Or is it raining sand?
  9. Or is that just dust?
  10. What are those clouds made out of?
  12. Or is Frankie there for in-between-takes dance breaks?
  13. Am I the only one whose anxiety flares up when I see that big puddle of water on the concrete? SOMEONE COULD SLIP!
  14. What is this cloud room and can I go to it?
  15. And when I go to that cloud room, can I hang out with Frankie, too?
  16. What’s this trash bag wading pool she’s laying down in?
  17. Is that trash bag wading pool actually just an Ikea bed frame?

Will all of my questions be answered once the "Love Me Harder" video drops? I don't know, my friend. I don't know. What I do know: I'm legitimately stoked to see the end product.