Charlie Hunnam's 'SoA' Accent Is Getting Wonky

I've never been impervious to the charms of one Jax Teller. I'd like to say that it was the intrigue and the prospect of Katey Sagal's badass Old Lady commanding the club that drew me into Sons of Anarchy and the SAMCRO fold, but alas, I am a woman of simple tastes. I started watching for the hunky lead (though I have since learned that his eyes are up here and that SoA is a damn good show). Still, even in my mooney-eyed period, Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam's accent has always thrown me for a loop. Was he supposed to be sort of British? Is this Hunnam's best American accent? Do I even care?

I got used it, and soon the answer was that I didn't care, but as Season 7 and the series draws to a close, Hunnam's accent is going off the rails. In the latest episodes, "A Separation of Crows," we spend most of the time wondering what will happen to Bobby, he-who-recently-lost-an-eyeball. But I spent the other free minutes wondering what happened to the sorta-American accent I'd gotten used to. Jax, on more than a few occasions, has gone all British on us SoA fans.

Now, perhaps it's because he's doing so many scenes with Chibs, whose Scottish accent is so alluring I can see myself trying to mimic it, failing, and then devolving into some semblance of a British accent. Maybe Hunnam just can't help himself. Or maybe, this episode was filmed right around the time of Hunnam's Fifty Shades crisis and he was a bit distracted.

No matter what the reason, the leader of SAMCRO has gone from having a mostly OK American accent that occasionally slips in some British vowels (I mean, hello, the way Jax says "Brothah") to whatever his semi-British accent is in real life:

Then again, weird accent or not, I still love me some Jax Teller. (Maybe not the part where he's losing his mind this season, but that's another can of worms.)