Their Halloween Special Taught Some Lessons

For the past few years, Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele have provided us with hilarious sketches that are both perfect parodies and pure entertainment on Comedy Central's Key & Peele. For the last few seasons, the duo has a knockout Halloween episode with outrageously funny sketches. Remember the "Suburban Zombies" sketch from Season 2? Yup. Hilarious. And Season 4's Halloween Special was no different as Key & Peele, along with fellow comedian and guest star Kumail Nanjiani from Franklin and Bash, took on those intense and sometimes brutal anti-drug campaigns as well as the people who takes drugs in a funny and creepy way.

The sketch began like any other random scene from any other show: Three dudes at a party, including Key and Nanjiani, go into a bedroom to smoke some weed. Upon lighting up their pipe, they see a creepy man with dreadlocks smiling at them and writhing around. He's really sweaty. That's not necessarily important to the story, but I felt compelled to add that bit of information because it's true. He's really sweaty. The creepy man ask the guys if they want to do drugs, "smoke the ganga," etc. Both Nanjiani and the other friend are definitely more weirded out by creepy man with dreads than Key's party bro character. But they all continue listening to the creepy man's weird slang for doing a particular kind of drug including "funt," "Long Island Brain Slice," "elmo" and more.

Eventually creepy man, tells the guys how this new drug is administered: Basically it's a crystal rock you tuck under your eyelid and then when your ocular nerve starts bleeding it goes into your brain. Apparently it'll make you "realize the face of God is somewhere inside your body but you can't find it and it hates you." Both Nanjiani and friend number two have absolutely interest in doing this obviously terrible drug but Key's frat bro Jeff is still into this drug idea. He's really into it. Creepy man tells them that just when you can't take the pain any longer, you poop out of your mouth. Like physically excrement comes out of your mouth. Yup. It's disgusting. And yet Jeff wants to try the drug.

He shoves the crystal under his eyelid and screams with pain screaming at the creepy man to tell him when the drug starts working. Creepy man tells Jeff, "How should I know? I don't do drugs." Then he turns to the camera and says that drugs are for losers and this banner pops up.

I'm fairly positive this sketch was not part of the "partnering for a drug-free America" but it definitely pointed the finger at commercials that use shock and awe to stop people from taking drugs and the people in the world that would actually be interested in trying new drugs that just sound painful and terrifying. Whether Key and Peele were trying to take a stand is unclear, instead it seems like they're equal opportunity parody artists of both sides of most issues. They poked some fun even at the Make-A-Wish foundation in this very same Halloween special. So clearly, no one and no organization is safe. Life would be so boring without Key and Peele.

Images: Ian White/Comedy Central; Comedy Central (screenshot); artofthedeal/Tumblr